Simon Griffiths Sculpture

Available Work

These are some of my most recent sculptures all of which are available for purchase now.

Please contact me if there is anything specific you have in mind as I have other sculptures ready but not always photographed.

Tawny Owl

Height 46cm x Length 51cm
 SOLD £520 including postage 

Barn Owl

Height 40cm x Width 27cm

Owl, roughly Life-size

SOLD  £520 including postage

Wren Mounted On Wood

Wren life-size

Wall mounted or free standing 

£65 including postage


Sparrows life-size 

£100 each including postage


Robins life-size 

£90 including postage

Black Bird

roughly life size

£135 including postage

Thrush Sculpture

Roughly life size 

Wall Mounted

£145 including postage

Fox Seated

Fox life-size 

£1200 SOLD

Fox Sleeping

Fox life size 

£800 including postage


Hare seated  life-size 

£800 including postage